1090 East State Street, Sharon, Pa 16146
Phone: 724-347-7575  Fax: 724-347-3582
Who we are . . .
McGonigle Ambulance Service is a private ambulance
service located in Northwestern Pennsylvania that has
provided more than 45 years of uninterrupted service to
Southwestern Mercer County and the neighboring
communities of Masury and Brookfield, Ohio. In 201
2, with a
staff of
more than 65 highly skilled employees and fleet of 9
fully equipped ambulances and 4 ambulette wheelchair
vans, we provided service to more than 1
6,000 patients.
With a name that has become recognized as a leader withi
n the EMS industry, McGonigle Ambulance Service
provides emergency and non-emergency medical trans
portation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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